Sail and Steam – 2000 

“In the country of the Broads”

(The Gloria Scott)

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"I expect that we shall be able to go down to Norfolk."

(The Adventure of the Dancing Men)

The Society’s weekend for the year 2000 will take place in Norfolk; the setting of both The Gloria Scott and The Adventure of the Dancing Men. It will hope to give the flavour of the county as it was when Holmes, Watson and his Literary Agent visited it at the turn of the last century. Then, trading wherries plied between one staithe and another, wealthy families built their own capacious yachts for cruising along the quiet waterways, and great steam trains thundered around the coast.

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"Autumn far advanced and the vacation drawing to a close". (GLOR)

The dates will be from Friday the 8th to Sunday the 10th of September 2000. This is an enchanted month in Norfolk. Morning mist rises from the still water to bring in golden days whilst, in the evening, skeins of wild geese lace the sunset and the pale moon.


We shall stay in the University of East Anglia’s guest-wing where all the rooms have en-suite facilities. Most rooms are single. We shall use the restaurant for both our meals and our lectures. Amongst our speakers will be Peter Horrocks, Margaret Bird and Peter Bower, a member of the Norfolk Wherry Trust.


"Basking in the sun and enjoying the view across the broads."(GLOR)

Norfolk has the lowest rainfall of any English county - really!

We shall spend one day upon the three majestic Edwardian pleasure wherries which still travel silently, only by power of wind, skill and muscle.

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Each boat carries its passengers in comfort with all facilities. We may make ourselves coffee as we start our nostalgic journey but there will certainly be other beverages on board. Please heed the call ‘All hands to the galley!’

Lunch will be al-fresco. In the afternoon we hope passengers will gather round the yacht piano in the saloon for their own – their very own - ‘Edwardian Entertainment’. Please bring your best short fin de siecle song, poem, monologue or riddle! If you are shy just join in the choruses.

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We shall indulge in neither "fishing" nor "wild-duck shooting" and we hope very much that no one will be so canonical as to be "stretched dead-drunk upon the dining room sofa." (GLOR)

"Is there a train?" (DANC)
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On the other day we shall travel on the North Norfolk Railway, "passing through as singular a countryside as any in England." (DANC) on a train with a magnificent Victorian engine. We hope also to take a horse char-a-banc to visit the charming town of Holt. We shall lunch at the Links Hotel, West Runton, originally thought to be the birthplace of ‘The Hound’.

Having ‘taken a whiff of strong, fresh, bracing east-coast air’ and visited ‘the violet rim of the German Ocean’ we shall return to Norwich. ‘If there is an afternoon train to town, Watson, I think we should do well to take it’ (DANC).

Some may wish to return to London on Sunday but the UEA may be able to offer the continued use of their rooms for those who would care to explore the magic of mediaeval Norwich with its castle and cathedral.

The cost of the weekend will be £185 ($ 296) including VAT and all gratuities but excluding personal drinks. A deposit may be made of £70 ($112), the full amount will be payable by 1st July 2000. The numbers will necessarily be restricted and the very last date for the receipt of applications will be 25th of March 2000.


To: Anna Smyth, 32 Cirencester Road, Tetbury, Glos. GL8 8EY, UK


I/we would like to join the Sail & Steam 2000 weekend  
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I should be willing to play piano accompaniments  
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