The Society meets half a dozen times a year. The general pattern of the London meetings is for members to have supper together, and to follow this by the reading of a paper or a panel discussion on some subject of Sherlockian interest. We always hope that members of the audience will join in with questions or comments afterwards.

The January evening is reserved for the Annual dinner, which is traditionally named after a Holmesian event or case. The annual Film Evening, usually in November, affords an opportunity to screen old films featuring, for example, Arthur Wontner or Basil Rathbone as Holmes, as well as more recent productions. Recently the Society was able to see one of the great 'lost' Holmesian films of the silent era - Albert Parker's 'Sherlock Holmes' starring John Barrymore in the title role.

A summer meeting or weekend expedition is usually arranged to visit the actual scene of one or more of the cases. In this spirit the Society has sailed down the Thames in pursuit of the Agra treasure, explored Holmesian London, and made tours to such places as Oxford, Cambridge, Norfolk, Dartmoor and Derbyshire.

Under the auspices of the Swiss National Tourist Office several notable expeditions (in costume) have been made to the village of Meiringen and the Reichenbach Falls, the scene of Holmes’s fatal encounter with the villainous Professor Moriarty. It is the Society’s policy that all meetings should be self-supporting financially, and the cost of these is not included in or subsidised by the annual subscription.