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Associate Membership (Junior)

Associate membership is open to all. Guests of members, of any age, are usually welcome at our meetings and events

Associate Member:

This category may be suitable for those individuals who live so far away that it would be impracticable for them to attend any of the Society's meetings. Associate members receive the Sherlock Holmes Journal, but are not sent the periodical notices of meetings and do not have the right to attend a meeting except as a guest of a full member.

Associate members under 18 pay the reduced rates shown below. Should you subsequently wish to change category you may do so upon the annual renewal of your subscription.

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Subscription Rates: Associate Members: Juniors

Zone A The United Kingdom and the European Community 



Zone B The rest of Europe and the former USSR



Zone C The Americas, Africa, all of Asia not specified below



Zone D Australasia, the Pacific Islands, China, Japan, Korea



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All cheques should be made payable to The Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Click here for an application form to post to the Membership Secretary

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