The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

Joint Subscription

Couples living at the same address may, if they wish, take out a Joint Subscription. They will only be sent one copy of the Journal and one set of notices between them, but in all other respects each partner will enjoy the full rights of membership.

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Please note that paypal subscription is only available to new members - existing members please see (2) below

Subscription Rates: Joint Subscription

Zone A The United Kingdom and the European Community 



Zone B The rest of Europe and the former USSR



Zone C The Americas, Africa, all of Asia not specified below



Zone D Australasia, the Pacific Islands, China, Japan, Korea



2. Subscribe by post

All cheques should be made payable to The Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Click here for an application form to post to the Membership Secretary

R J Ellis,
13 Crofton Avenue,
Kent BR6 8DU
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