We are always pleased to welcome new members who share our interest in the study of the life and work of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.

There are two categories of membership of the Society.

Full Member: Members in this category receive the Sherlock Holmes Journal, which is published twice a year (January and July) and contains a wide range of articles, reviews, criticism and news of the Society's activities. In addition, Full members receive all the notices of Society meetings and other activities, and have the right to attend and participate at these meetings.

Couples living at the same address may, if they wish, take out a Joint Subscription. They will only be sent one copy of the Journal and one set of notices between them, but in all other respects each partner will enjoy the full rights of membership.

Associate Member: This category may be suitable for those individuals who live so far away that it would be impracticable for them to attend any of the Society's meetings. Associate members receive the Sherlock Holmes Journal, but are not sent the periodical notices of meetings and do not have the right to attend a meeting except as a guest of a full member.
The minimum age for membership is 16 and members under 18 pay the reduced rate shown. 

You are welcome to choose either type of membership. 

Should you subsequently wish to change you may do so upon the annual renewal of your subscription.
Application forms can be obtained from: 
R J Ellis,
13 Crofton Avenue,